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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letter to...


So ya, we meet again :D Love to be here , writes up anything crap here, unleash the wasted thoughts and assuming thousand readers . Well , I was flabbergasted with something that just bumped in my line . What's next ? Hm , I'm just well-happy now sipping my tea and listen to Gadis Jolobu by Waris . Guys , u should give a try to this song, the beat is topnotch ! 

Am thinking about existensialism and sort-of future rhymes .
By the way , next year is SPM , yeah for me . 

Nah , since I've enuff on my plate , really need to sleep now . So this is my letter , whenever one's  or something try to interrupt my mood , I used to let my self know by using selfies alert system , which is a letter i wrote with 'wanderer' sign off will reach in my super bla bla mind. For a record , I'd sent thousand of alert , by far a letter seems perfect urgency alert material I would have . 

"Dear me ,

How are you ?
Deeply sorry , because left u without words or even whisper .
There's no other reason I write this letter but to remind and trigger something ought to be fix in your life .

Honestly , you're totally different with what I've encountered before . You changed a lot ,man.
Pretty good in some cases , and u need to learn more and more about people and emotions. You're back in the track , just believe me you're gifted and not just ordinary as what world see you . Just live your life to the fullest and don't let any barrier could stop your from become more eagerly in seeking the truth of you! 

Dear me ,
I know your state in mind is not really get along with what you should . Dont let your instinct bite your future . Embrace your self as long as you think it's a normal reaction . And one more thing rewards yourself as you were had success went thru ups and down of life. Negative peoples? Ignore em , u have enough listen wrong advices from wrong person .

Oh yes , did I ever mentioned who Iam? Frankly speaking,I'm your alter ego -the unseen character which potentially alter the real you! My wise advice is jaga-jaga!! And don't try to find how do i look .Curiosity killed the cat !!

Yang benar,
Wanderer alter ego"

The original ideas of writing a lettter to myself is from . It's worth reading materials ! 
So do write your letter now :d hehe 
Night | kampung sg besar | akhir 2013 

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